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Two very different labours of love - my Homebirth VBAC


I still can't believe my body created a life, from the little hairs on her head, her eyes full of wonder and fingers gripping mine so tight. The human body is such a thing of wonder and to think that mine made another, is something that I find awe-striking every time I look at either of my daughters.

I have a new found respect for my body all over again after giving birth this time without any intervention, at home and simply with the support of my husband and two home-birth team midwives. Empowering doesn't even start to sum up how it felt to feel my baby come into the world, to catch her in my arms and look down to welcome her. To cuddle her skin to skin and to never have to leave her side. For all births we must be brave, but what I am most proud of is that I did it my way this time around. I trusted my body, I trusted my baby. I knew if anything was not as it should be, myself or the midwives would pick up on it. We may think we do not know how to labour but our bodie…

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